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Judge Allows Class Action Lawsuit to Proceed on Technical Grounds


FOR RELEASE February 2, 2018 - In a class action lawsuit hearing on February 2, 2018 against Bullseye Glass, Multnomah County Judge Stephen K. Bushong granted class certification. The ruling allows the out-of-state class action attorneys, Keller Rohrback, to proceed with their $1.2 billion lawsuit against a $15 million, home-grown Portland manufacturer making hand-crafted glass in Southeast Portland.

This initial ruling does not consider the merits of the lawsuit, it simply considers whether plaintiffs have a common claim. The merits will be reviewed during a trial. The lawsuit is largely based on false and inflammatory statements made by local and State agencies warning neighbors not to eat vegetables from their gardens within a 1/2 mile of Bullseye Glass. It was later discovered that these agencies made the statement when they had soil tests in-hand that indicated the soil was safe. The class action lawyers and the State have never shown that any harm has been done to property in neighborhoods surrounding Bullseye Glass.

In a related matter, Bullseye Glass filed a Federal lawsuit in December of 2017 against the Governor of Oregon, the Department of Environmental Quality, the Oregon Health Authority, and the Multnomah County Health Department alleging damage to its reputation by these agencies. The lawsuit charged that these agencies failed to protect Oregonians from the pollution practices of large industry and scapegoated one small company to improve their own reputations and hide the truth about air quality in Oregon.

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